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Professor Florian Holsboer is known for his discoveries in the research of depression.

Professor Florian Holsboer was more than 25 years at the helm of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (MPI) and in 2014, before expiration of contract he took over his current position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the HMNC Holding GmbH (HMNC) in Munich. This biopharmaceutical company develops diagnostic methods and novel medications that optimize treatment of depression, anxiety disorders and insomnia.

While working as acting chairman at the MPI he used methods from biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, neuroimaging and animal models including transgenic mice to unravel causal mechanisms of depression, anxiety and sleep. Early on, he criticized the current diagnostic algorithms that notoriously ignore the many different neurobiological abnormalities as they occur among subgroups of depressed patients. He advocated implementation of objective laboratory diagnostic into clinical psychiatry, as it is common practice in other medical specialties. Consequently, Professor Holsboer’s research focused on separation of different causal mechanism leading to depression. Based on new findings his research aimed to discover unprecedented targets that allow the identification of differential therapies and thus pave the way to personalized medicine in psychiatry.

Since his move to HMNC, Florian Holsboer continues to develop treatments that depart from the unspecific blockbuster model to regimens that target the specific causal mechanism that underlies the individual patients disease. The business model of HMNC not only optimizes clinical use of currently available antidepressants. HMNC is also repurposing antidepressant drugs that have a specific mode of action and failed in controlled trials. The current development of companion tests that informs the clinician whether or not his patient will benefit from a novel antidepressant as compared with a standard medication opens new opportunities for restarting development of shelved antidepressants.

The feasibility of that approach is evidenced by the recent market launch of HMNC’s laboratory test that identifies whether a given antidepressant penetrates into the brain or is hold back by the blood brain barrier.

Top-tier research and entrepreneurial spirit qualify HMNC to champion that the right patient will receive the right drug at the right dose in near future.

Saturday, 23.04.2016
Laudation given by Professor Holsboer on occasion of the retirement ceremony of Professor Higuchi as President of the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry